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(American Composites Manufacturers Association). Asociación Americana de Fabricantes de Composites.

The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) has approved the creation of the Composites Growth Initiative (CGI) with the aim of promoting the use and understanding of composite materials. The CGI will focus on four primary goals: to enhance the market presence of composites before potential end-users (or those who may specify their use) through an effective public relations program; to enhance market acceptance of composites through active participation in the development of, or action on, relevant codes and standards; to strengthen interaction between the academic community (colleges, universities, vocation schools, and high schools) and the composites industry; and to encourage Divisions, Alliances and Councils (DACs) within the ACMA to positively affect their markets by identifying needs and then taking action to address those needs. The initiative, with will be chaired by Randy Weghorst, President and CEO of AOC, will begin its efforts this summer.

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